Hi there! Welcome to my blog... my little space to scrapbook for our family, as well as share some of my thoughts and interests. Thank you for stopping by! Let me introduce you our family!

date night with this stud. family pic at the doughnut shop. :)  #austins4thbirthday❤ #love #familypoor thing, he's so tired. :(
Ben grew up on a farm in a very small town in Mississippi. He will tell you that farming is in his blood. It's a generation thing. :) He graduated from Mississippi State with a bachelors degree in Agricultural Economics, and he started farming very small scale while he was in college. As soon as he graduated, he went to the farm full-time. He is 100% row crop, crops being corn, soybeans, cotton, and wheat. His favorite things are basketball games, hunting, watching movies, and just being on the farm. He has 2 older sisters, and both live out of state. He and I met when he was a sophomore in college. We were set up on a date (not blind, because we had photos of each other), and pretty much knew within a few dates that we were meant to be. We dated for 4 years, and have now been married for 10.

fun outside in the sun with my girl this morning. ☀purple night. :) ❤happy independence day!! #sweetbabies #happy4th
I grew up in a small town in Mississippi as well. I am a brat (aka only child) ha! At age 11, my parents and I moved to Antigua, Guatemala for them to do mission work, and we were there for almost 8 years. I very much consider Antigua home, and it will have a piece of my heart forever. I went to an American school, so my Spanish is not that great, but I can get by. After moving state-side, I had a variety of jobs, and then decided on cosmetology school. I loved it, and still love all things hair, makeup, beauty products, etc. I worked right up until I was about to have our first child.  Currently, I am a Senior Trunk Keeper with Matilda Jane Clothing, and also help Ben with farm book-keeping.  My favorite things are shopping, cooking, coffee shops, taking photos, and rocking my babies to sleep.

i die. having a girl is so fun sometimes.  #minime #love #diva4 year check up! uploadmerry christmas from austin & kate.  #merrychristmas #americangirl #girlygirl #vscocam
Austin is 7 years old, and she never ceases to amaze me at exactly how much ALIKE WE ARE.  My mom, of course, says it's payback.  :)  Her full name is Austin Rivers, and she completely lives up to the meaning of her name, which is "Mighty River."  She has kept me busy from day 1.  She likes to spend most of her time at home, but she wants to constantly be busy with something.  Currently, she is very into art projects.  She loves to play dress up, doctor/patient, color or draw, play outside, watch movies, and any and all things Disney Princess.  Her favorite is Ariel.  She also likes to dress "funky," which I credit to her fun personality.  She is one of a kind, and I love her to pieces!  She is the best big sister, and has the biggest heart.  She will soon be starting 2nd grade, and she loves school!  She is also taking ballet classes, and golf lessons.

I am so in love with this boy! even when he makes me get up an hour earlier in the morning.  #mamasboy #lovethis kid... merry christmas from clark griswold. today was farm day.  #latergram #farm #harvest
Bennett is 5 years old, and he is the spitting image of his daddy, whom he is currently obsessed with.  He wants to be with him 24/7, which is a good and also a bad thing.  He is a sweet and loving child, but he is most definitely "all boy," as they say.  He loves to be outside, preferably on the farm.  He is obsessed with tractors (which was also his 1st word, besides mama and dada).  He loves to give his sister a hard time.  Everybody that meets Bennett seems to fall in love with him.  He is an easy-going, fun, sweet boy to be around.  He loves legos, superheroes, knights, any kind of ball, playing with Austin, and pretty much anything that comes his way.  He attends preschool 3 mornings a week, and loves it.