Tuesday, September 11, 2018

House Construction - Making Plans

We decided a couple of years ago that we were ready to move into something bigger with a bigger lot.  We house hunted for a looooooong time, and never found anything that we loved.  We did find 1 house that we settled for, made several offers, but the homeowners weren't willing to budge, so we felt like God closed that door for us.  We knew that this lot was for sale, but hadn't put much thought into it.  One day we were in the neighborhood looking at a house for the 3rd time, and still not feeling great about it.  Ben said, "we just need to build."  I mentioned this lot that was for sale, so we jumped in the car and drove over here.  Ben made an offer that day. (Which is very unlike him, by the way.)
This is a neighborhood that he has always wanted to live in.  It's a good halfway point for him in between town and the farm. Pretty much equal distance for both of us.  We still weren't 100% sure that we would build on this lot, but at least this could be our Plan B if we never found a house.  Long story short, we never found anything, so we decided to build.  Our house was on the market for about 2.5 months.  This was us on the day that we closed.  I was very upset on this day, and was a little depressed for several weeks after we closed.  At that point we had not completed our house plans, and it was a big adjustment for me to move to the farm again.  I cried every day.

I had found this house...
It makes my heart skip a beat every time I look at it.  No matter how many plans I looked at, I always came back to this one.  That's when you know it's true love.  HA  The interior would not work for us, so I sent our architect this exterior photo, and a sketch of what I wanted the interior to be, and he drew up our plans.  We made LOTS of changes over the next several weeks.


We were being rushed by the foundation crews to get started, and Ben and I were anxious to get started as soon as possible, so a few of the changes that needed to be made on our plans were not made.  I drew them on a printed set, but it was not fully communicated to everyone.  I wish I had taken the extra time to get the architect to make the plans exactly right before getting started, then there would have been no question.  For example... on our plans, the island is just an island, but I wanted the countertop to overhang for counter seating space.  That changed the location of the island pendant lights for the electrician by about 1-2 feet. He didn't know by reading the plans, so the wire for the lights was in the wrong place.  He had to cut the sheetrock in the ceiling to extend the wire for the lights to be in the correct place.  Not a huge deal, but could've been avoided.

After our house plans were complete, we jumped right into dirt work.  If I had it to do over again, I would've next taken the time to meet with people and start getting bids and prices before dirt work.  Everyone needs your house plans to give you quotes.  It would've helped us have a better idea of what we were looking at for expenses, and it would've helped us create and edit our overall budget for the project.  We had someone help us create a general and very simple budget to go by, but we should've gotten prices and nailed it down a little more before beginning.  This caused a lot of additional stress through the entire process.

After we were sure about our house design, and the architect started making it come to life, I created secret Pinterest boards.  This was HUGE in my organization.  
Every single meeting I had with people, I took my iPad with my Pinterest boards ready.  Every question the contractors asked me, I responded with a photo from a Pinterest board.  Everything I found online that I thought I may want, or needed to price around, I would save it to a board.  If I took a screenshot of something with my phone (which I did a lot from Instagram), I would upload it to a Pinterest board.  It was better for me to be able to file away an idea or a good find, so that I could be ready for the next thing.

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Grace said...

I'm so glad you are blogging again, keep it up those who are wanting to build need the do's and dont's!