Saturday, July 2, 2016

Happy Summer!!

I took a little over a year off from blogging, and I have missed is SO much!!  The thought of working on it and getting caught back up was overwhelming this year, but I am finally ready to do it.  So much has happened!  That was 1 of my goals for summer, including re-read Harry Potter books.

Speaking of summer... Summer is finally here, and I couldn't be happier about it. June doesn't count, because our June was crazy, but now that it's July and we can chill... we are loving it!  It's my first summer to really appreciate, since I have a child in school, and Lord knows that this mama was ready for a break from school.  Oddly enough, the student was not.

I took the kids to a mini session this week.  I'm starting to really love mini sessions.  The kids are over it after about 10 minutes anyway.  Love this sneak peek that we got! (It took a lot of bribing, but hey.)
We came to the farm to hang with Dad for a while this weekend. The kids have only seen him once or twice for about 5 minutes this whole week.  That gets really old really quick.  It is so dry that he has been having to stay to manage irrigation.  We need rain so bad.
I think Bella was pretty excited for a visit too...

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