Friday, September 18, 2015

Happy Birthday, Austi Bug!

Of course, as tradition goes, Austi Bug had donuts for breakfast!
Daddy got to be home with us that morning, and Austin got to "open" one present, which were tickets to Frozen on Ice. :)
We were so excited that Austin's birthday was during Homecoming week at school, so her birthday fell on Jersey Day! I had lunch with her at school, and then for snack time I took cupcakes to her class.
When she got home from school, she had a BIG birthday present waiting in her room!
She was SO excited!! We also had to have extra cupcakes for dessert, and sing Happy Birthday again. :)
Carrying on with another tradition, she got to open a book in bed. This book... oh my word... it is just amazing. Get a copy for your kiddos ASAP.
We are looking forward to a fun weekend!!

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