Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I am so thankful that one of our local churches has really gotten involved with orphan care. Ben and I went to an expo that they had, and it was great. We spoke with different adoption agencies, chatted with friends that have adopted, and left feeling really encouraged. The guest speaker was Rick Morton, that wrote the book Orphanology.

Austin and Bennett got to have a movie night with Thomas the other night, and they were so excited. :)

Austin got this little craft kit from somewhere... I can't even remember where... and she has been obsessed. As you can see.

So I started thinking the other day that Ben never sees me dressed up. Mostly only on Sundays, because by the time he gets home from work, I am in pajamas and looking like a hot mess. I started taking a pic of myself in the mirror for him every day. Ha! It's better than nothing, I guess. Austin joined in on this particular day so that we could show him our rain boots. :)

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