Monday, January 19, 2015

Family & Friends Weekend

One of my great uncles, Uncle Joe, died last week.  He fell several weeks ago, and his health steadily declined.  They tried to do surgery at 1 point, but his heart was too weak.  It was bittersweet for him to go, because even though we will miss him, we know he was in a lot of pain.  Here he is on the right.  He and my Papaw were best friends.  I have so many memories of being with him!  He is to blame for turning me into a coffee lover at toddler age.  :)
So even though it was under bad circumstances, it was SO good to see my family.  Our 1st stop was Mellow Mushroom, and our next stop was Jerry's.  :)
We went a day early to be with family, and had the best time catching up. We stayed with Aunt Darlenia, and the kids had a blast. Bennett loved being with her!  He also loved having a playroom with legos.  :)
We had time before the visitation on Friday to go see some of our besties that we are missing!  We met for lunch, and had so much fun catching up.
Love these peeps!
Bennett had to go see his bestie too. :)
These boys crack me up! :)

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