Monday, December 8, 2014

Universal Day!

Ben and I wanted to go see Harry Potter world SO bad!  That was really why we left a day early.  Our parents agreed to keep the kids for the day for us to do that.  They played at Chickfila for a while, and then checked into our hotel for the night, which was outside of Disney.  We didn't check in to Disney until Sunday. The kids thought it was the greatest thing staying in hotels.

So we spent the day Saturday at Universal, and it was so awesome!!!  If you are a HP fan, it is a MUST! We didn't have enough time to do anything except HP, so we first walked through Islands of Adventure just so we could see the Dr. Seuss part. It was the cutest thing!! My kids would've loved it!
We finally got to Hogsmead, and it was amazing. I was freaking out. :)
I was probably most excited about the butterbeer. :)
I wasn't feeling very good, so we went to Olivander's for me to get a wand, and then walked around for a minute before going to The Three Broomsticks for lunch.
Three Broomsticks was awesome!! It was so cheap compared to what we were expecting, and the food was delicious! I got fish & chips, and Ben got roasted chicken with corn and potatoes.
Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 10.23.28 AMIMG_2867
After we ate, we took the Hogwarts Express to the other park, which was Diagon Alley. This was the train station...
When you get off the train, and out of the station, it looks like you are in London.
Sirius' house... (it annoys me that Ben isn't in any of these pics.) :(
And then, once we finally found our way through the right wall, we were in Diagon Alley! I seriously was freaking out at this point. Like jumping up and down, and we went out and re-entered again. Ha!
We only rode 1 ride while we were there, the new one at Gringotts. It was SO fun! Our cart got stuck a few times toward the end, so we didn't ride anything after that. Ha! And it stressed me out that they made you leave all of your stuff in a locker.
Ben and a goblin, and me in a robe that I REALLY wanted. :)
On our way out, we ran into this guy, and he was hilarious. :)
When we got back to our hotel, it was 1/2 time at the Egg Bowl. We obviously lost, so we loaded the kid up and went to Rainforest Cafe for dinner. :)

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