Sunday, December 21, 2014

Disney Day 6 - Downtown Disney

Day 6 was our last day, and was originally only a travel day. At this point, mama is tired and doesn't care what you eat for breakfast!! :)
We never had a chance to see Downtown Disney, and also we had several meal points that we needed to use up, so we decided to spend part of the day Downtown. We didn't get to do a whole lot, but it was fun to see, and we had a great lunch at T-Rex!
I got these done at a cart in the street, and I am SO proud of them! I have always wanted these of my kiddos!!!
We, or course, loved the Lego store! The kids each got to pick out a small set. Austin chose Merida, and Bennett chose Jake. Austin also loved this Maleficent dragon made of Legos. :)
We spent a lot of time in this big Disney store, and there was a mirror that took the child's face and showed her dressed up as a princess. Austin thought it was the greatest.
Pirates and Princesses!
We had SUCH a wonderful trip!! We were not ready to come home, but were also looking forward to Christmas and all of the activities going on. We went back to our hotel food court to use up the last of our snack points, and then got on the road.  We stopped for 1 night on the way home, and then finished the trip on Sunday after a stop at the Cheesecake Factory. To show you how stuffed of food we were from the whole week, no one ordered cheesecake!! :)

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