Thursday, December 18, 2014

Disney Day 4 - Hollywood Studios

We were really excited about HS, because we had a later breakfast reservation, and Austin was super excited to be wearing her Sofia dress. :)
We got to enter the park early because of our reservations, and I'm SO glad we got the photo in front of Mickey's sorcerer hat, because they are in the process of taking it down.
Hollywood & Vine breakfast was SOOOOOO great!! Probably one of my favorite character meals. The kids get to dance and sing with the characters, so it's WAY more relaxed because they aren't expected to sit at the table and eat like big kids. The food was great, too. My kids, of course, chose cereal. I don't want to know how much that cereal cost.
After that, we had a little time to kill, so we went through the Walt Disney memorabilia, saw the Little Mermaid show, and then went to use our FastPass for the Indiana Jones show. Ben and Steve were so excited about this, and Bennett loved it too!
We couldn't find a good place to eat because I didn't make reservations anywhere. We ended up with salads and hamburgers in the food court. Chocolate mousse saved the day, again. From there we met Lighting McQueen and Mater, which are Bennett's most favorite characters. He was SO excited! :)
We also had to meet Mike and Sully. The kids had the best time with them, and they probably took the most time with the kids of all of the characters all week. It was frustrating waiting in line because it took SO long.
We did the Frozen sing-a-long. Austin loved it, and was SO funny singing to the top of her lungs. :) We also had a FastPass for Toy Story ride, and it was one of my favorite rides all week. SO much fun!!
We met Mr. Incredible and FroZone.
We probably did a few more things that I'm forgetting, and then the boys all went to the room to rest and get our sweatshirts, and the girls stayed behind for Austin to do the Disney Jr. sing-a-long. She liked it, but it was not at all what I expected. Bennett was worn out, and needed a change of scenery. We all met back up at the Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom for our dinner reservations before the Christmas Party.
Dinner at the Crystal Palace was fun because of the characters, but I didn't care for the food.
It was good, I just don't enjoy buffet food except for breakfast. I don't know why. The dessert bar was good, though. :) When we left there, it was the Christmas party, so we went ahead and found us a good spot to save for the Christmas parade. We ended up standing next to a family from New Orleans, so we had a great time talking.
After the parade, Bennett fell right asleep in the stroller, so we went to the ice cream shop, and then sat outside and waited for fireworks. They were all red and green for Christmas, and it was so much fun! It snows on Main Street, and there are cookie and hot chocolate stations all over the park to get free snacks. It was definitely worth the ticket to get in, and even more so if the kids were older and we could've stayed longer to meet the characters. After the parade, you can meet the Princes along with their Princesses, so that would've been SO fun, but the kids were too tired for that. We did have to make 1 last stop on the way out... we had to see Tink again, because the first time Austin forgot to ask her about her sister, Periwinkle. If you know Austin, you know that Tink's sister, Periwinkle, is her imaginary friend, only she calls her Fairywinkle. :)

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