Friday, December 12, 2014

Disney Day 2 - Magic Kingdom

I had originally booked us an early breakfast at Chef Mickey for Tuesday morning, but decided to move it to Wednesday so that we could be at MK at rope drop.  It was basically the only chance we had to see Anna and Elsa, and of course we had to get that done.  :)
It was SO awesome to see the opening show. I was SO glad that it worked out for us to see it! As soon as it opened, we basically turned into crazy people, and ran straight to Princess Fairytale Hall. I had studied the map, so I was pretty sure where to go, but I'm sure I was hilarious running with my stroller down Main Street USA. :) When we got there, we only had a 20 minute wait, which I was very thankful for! Austin was super excited to meet them, but I think she was still 1/2 asleep. :)  I kinda wish I had gotten up even earlier to actually dry my hair and apply some decent makeup.  :)
Anna & Elsa are separated now, so you can't get a photo with them at the same time. :( But they were beautiful and really sweet. Elsa's dress was amazing, and Anna was so outgoing and funny.
Bennett didn't really want to see her, but she gave him a hug anyway. :)
After that, we rode Prince Charming's carousel...
We rode a few other kiddie rides around Fantasyland (ask Ben about It's A Small World... HA!!!) and then we went to surprise Austin with meeting another favorite Princess... MERIDA!! Y'all... she was most definitely one of the best meet and greets. She was the sweetest with them. She took a lot of time to talk to Bennett. He is obsessed with Mardue, the bear from her movie, so they talked about that. Austin told her that she was trying to learn how to shoot an arrow, and Merida told her to keep practicing. :) It was just the sweetest thing, and she took a lot of time with them. She is probably the only person out of the entire week that Bennett cared about and took a photo with. (Real person... not including Jake and Lightening.) :)
After that, we rode the teacups, and then the kids got to meet the White Rabbit. Alice was gone on break. Then we rode Winnie the Pooh.
We found Tiana, and then had a snack since our lunch wasn't until 2:30! Tiana was amazingly gorgeous!!!!
This was also around the time that I discovered the love of my life that is also called the Dole Whip. Oh my goodness, it's the best thing ever. I got mine orange and vanilla swirl float withe pineapple juice. I can't even stand to type this out and not have one. Next was Austin's appointment at Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique. I loved watching her get all dressed up!
And then a sprinkling of Pixie Dust. :)  Her Fairy Godmother was so sweet and gave me some Pixie Dust and a sticker on my cheek too.  :)
After that, she had a special photo shoot. :) I LOVE that she wore her high tops. :)
Lunch was at Cinderella's Royal Table. It was such a fun experience!
After lunch, we split up so that Austin and I could go meet Rapunzel. She was at the same place as Cinderella, and I am SOOOO glad that we went back there because that is the Cinderella that twirled with Austin and made me melt into a puddle. I couldn't even handle it.
She loved Rapunzel too, and she was soooo sweet. Most of the princesses were sweet, but some were just nicer than others. :)
After that, we met back up with Daddy and Bennett to meet Peter Pan. Bennett was SO excited about seeing him (He had seen him in passing, and PP tickled him, and it pretty much made his day.) I guess Bennett was star-stuck, because he wouldn't talk to him or get his pic with him. Austin loved him tho. :)
When we left there, we went to the castle, and there was a street dance party going on, so we danced for a while with the characters and cast members! It was a blast!! I have some hilarious video of Austin dancing with a random little girl. Then we got a good spot for the stage shows, and Elsa freezing the castle. This was Austin's favorite part... Ha!
She wanted to meet Maleficent so bad, but I asked around, and you can only meet her during the party at Halloween. So Austin was very excited just to see her on stage. On our way out, she and I stopped to meet Tinkerbell, which was awesome. :) She is one of my favorites!
We probably spent most of this day with meet and greets, but that was Austin's choice. We did ride a few rides in between, and Ben and mom took Bennett to ride a few things. Steve didn't feel good that day, so he spent a lot of time in the room, and met us for lunch. It was a great great day!!!!

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