Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

We had a wonderful Christmas this year!  It was relaxing and enjoyable, and we just spent the day together.  Austin was sleeping in our room since Papaw was in her bed, so we had to keep her in the room for a while until Benny woke up.  Finally, we opened his door, and he started stirring.  I carried him to our room, so that he and Austin could come out together.  She was READY.  :)
Bennett was not so sure. Ha! But he came around. :)
We had so much fun opening gifts, and snacking on Gammy's sausage balls.
Apparently Austin was inspired by Pocohontas to dress like an indian. I do not remember her wearing that in our family pic! Ha!
We had a big Christmas lunch. Ben splurged and got us a beef tenderloin that I had been begging for. It was SO delicious. We also had mashed potatoes, corn, fruit salad, butter beans, rolls, and then pie for dessert. I also made Christmas Eve punch to drink, which turned out to be one of my favorite things. Later that afternoon, I found Papaw and Austin working puzzles. :)
Ben and Pepaw took the kids to the farm for a minute, and also to see some family for a while. Mom and I stayed home with Papaw, and we ate leftovers for dinner. We had such a great day! Thankful for our family!! Oh, and Bennett didn't go to bed until after 10:30. :)

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