Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week Randoms

Monday, I took Bennett to the park to play with friends. We decided to stay there for a while, so I picked up Austin from school, grabbed some chicken nuggets, and we went back to the park for lunch. :)
This hat is too small for Bennett, but he insisted on wearing it all day. :)

Wednesday, Austin was excited to show me her teepee! Remember, from the buffalo hides!?! :)
Bennett got a haircut that morning. I LOVE watching him at the barber shop. :)
I had to run something to Che's house that night, and they both dressed themselves for the errand. What on earth.
But the best part of Wednesday was that we got these in the mail!!!!!!  2 more weeks!!!!

On Thursday, one of Bennett's teachers was reading them a story when I picked him up. It was SO cute. Usually they are playing on the playground, so this was a sweet surprise.

Friday, Bennett went to the farm with Daddy. I can't remember what Austin and I did, but I love it that I get pics of him throughout the day. :)
(If y'all even knew how dirty that floor is...)

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