Monday, November 10, 2014


The 2 Saturdays that Ben and I went to the game, the kids stayed home with our parents.  Both times, Austin begged to go, but A) she didn't have a ticket, and B) both times the weather conditions weren't great.  I'm not one for taking my kids when it's freezing cold.  We were given tickets again for homecoming, this time 4 tickets, and the weather was perfect!!!  It was actually warm for most of the day, so Bennett wouldn't wear his cute jacket, but then it turned a little cool when the sun went down. We had the BEST time!  The kids got to see the Dawg Walk, which is always fun.
We went with our friends again, so it was a lot of fun for the kids to be together!  And it helped that Thomas is a ball game pro.  :)
Ben pushed them in the double stroller for most of the day.  Even up the ramp to the top of the stadium.  With the kids inside.  Lawd.  I guess he thought it was better to do that than to hear all of their complaining.  :)
We stopped by Che's tailgate, but she wasn't there so we hung with her family for a little bit.  :)  We just make ourselves at home.  Oh, and Elsa was along for the day.
Finally to the top of the stadium, and killing a little time before we went to our seats.
My sweet girl had a great time!!
Bennett was surpringly really good, until he got SUPER tired because of no nap.  Which was probably toward the end of the 2nd quarter.
And at that point, he fell asleep, and slept until about the end of the 3rd quarter.  :)
Thanks Michael & MaryBeth for the tickets!!!!

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