Thursday, November 27, 2014

Good Sunday | Bad Monday

Sunday after church, we went to Christmas open house downtown, and the kids got to see Santa for the first time this year!
I was SO happy that Bennett didn't cry! After that, the girls in our small group had a baby shower for our friend Katy!
I LOVE our small group, and LOVE these ladies! They have become such good friends!!

On Monday, I took the kids to get their flu shots.  I had been putting it off, but knew it HAD to be done before we went to Disney. Last year when I took them for the flu shot, it was a complete nightmare. Austin went first, and cried, so then she wanted me to hold her, but I had to also help the nurse hold Bennett down... Anyway, it was just terrible. So this year, I begged Ben to meet me up there.
It went very good and smoothly. No tears this time, which was great!

I had been having pain for a few days, but didn't think much about it, but on the way to their pediatrician's office, it occurred to me that I had a kidney infection. After their appointment, we went straight to the urgent care clinic (which by the way, don't go there if it's urgent because you will die waiting) and spent a good 3 hours. Anyway, I did have a kidney infection, and apparently it was good that Austin was talking about Disney World, because one of the kidney medications can make you loose muscle strength, and people have sprained ankles. I was given a different medication because of that and all of the walking we would be doing. I also got my flu shot there, and then Ben got his the next day. Checking everything off the list before we leave! Oh, and I MAJOR bribed the kids with suckers the whole day. If I would've had a whole bag of suckers, they probably would've eaten them all. I felt horrible, and didn't care at that point. :)

Also, I was running on ZERO sleep. I took this picture in the middle of the night when I woke up falling off of the bed. This was my pillow...

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