Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Buffalo Hides

Austin's teacher asked a few moms to help out with a class project Tuesday. I was happy to help, and I love watching their classes to projects. :) Austin was super excited that I was there.
They have been learning a TON about indians (and soon to learn pilgrims), so they first went on a "buffalo hunt" around the school. Austin was SO excited about the buffalo hunt. Apparently, her teacher had placed the buffalo in different places, and they gathered them all up. (The buffalo were the paper sacks. :)) Next, a part of the sacks had faces drawn on them, so they cut that piece off, and that was cutting off the buffalo's head. Then they talked about the buffalo hides, and they built this fire to let their hides dry out. :)
(Is this not hilarious!?)
This is Princess Buttercup right here...
We also have Princess Sunshine, aka Austin's friend Anderson.  :)
So anyway, the project that day was painting the buffalo hides.
Here are some more of Austin's buddies this year, Carlyn...
And Brooklyn...

So after the hides dry, guess what they will be used for??

Build a TEEPEE, of course!! :)

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