Thursday, November 6, 2014


We had a fun kicked back Saturday morning!  Daddy and Papaw went and got us donuts, and then Ben and I started getting ready for the game.  It took me a while to put on all of my layers.  :)
Our friends sold us their tickets again, so we were excited to be able to go!  And TMI side note: this was the game that Ben decided we weren't going to pay for parking, and we walked for FOREVER, and I had the mother of all blisters on my pinky toe.  :)
We went to some other friends' tailgate for a while before the game, and then went on to our seats.  It was SO cold, but we had so much fun!!
And that last pic of me and Ben was put on the jumbotron during the game! :) We didn't see it, but friends told us. #HAILSTATE

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