Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Terrible Two's

Bennett has been giving me a run for my money lately.  He is so fun and sweet most of the time, but he gets MAJOR attitude when it comes to his clothes, shoes, food, etc.  Normal toddler behavior, but it is SO frustrating!!!  Of course, he is a perfect child at church and school.
He has also been more difficult going to bed at night. He used to never get out of his bed, but now he gets up several times and comes in the living room. If Ben doesn't come home, he fights to sleep in my bed.
He would play tractors all day every day. Which is great, and he will usually pick them up when asked.
Walmart, and any kind of shopping is a struggle these days. Like an embarrassing struggle with the screaming and running away.
Eating out... oh, it's horrible. This particular day, he was so bad I had to ask for our food to go. :(
He and Austin are SO mean to each other. Here is a rare peaceful moment...
I love him to death, and even though he is at a hard age, he is still my sweet boy. Loves his mama!  This too shall pass, and I will be wishing for terrible two's again, right?  :)

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