Friday, October 31, 2014

Pumpkin & Church Fun

Ben had been planning for several days to carve pumpkins with the kids on Wednesday afternoon.  He even turned down a meeting to get home early.  Well, Austin found out that everyone was dressing up for church on Wednesday night, and one of her best friends was going to be Elsa, and she was going to be Anna.  Her attention quickly went from pumpkins to church.  She asked Ben to please hurry so that we could go to church.  :)  Thankfully, we had plenty of time to fit it all in.
I printed templates for Ben. I think he secretly HATES carving pumpkins, but we tolerates it for us. :)
And didn't he do such a good job? I helped clean out the pumpkins, and I tried roasting the seeds, but we didn't like them.
Can you tell where we are going soon??? :) DISNEY!!  I didn't get a pic of Ben with his pumpkin, but he chose Batman.  He decided to do it later that night after church.

I gave Bennett the option to wear Olaf or Lightening McQueen, and you can see what he chose. Can't blame him for jumpking the Frozen ship.
These girls are too cute. They said they were sisters.
Two of Austin's babysitters dressed up too, and Austin was SO excited to see them like this. :)

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