Friday, October 3, 2014

Field Trip day! Again!

I love that Austin's class has started field trips!  So much fun, and I'm so glad that I get to go with her!  Our most recent trip was to the Buffalo Park on Wednesday.  The kids were SO excited!  We had a fun time riding with friends, too! Austin was excited that her friends Anderson, Carlyn, and Mary Allen rode with us!
We toured around for a while and checked out all of the animals! I was a little surprised at how close the lion was. Ha!
Of course, the giraffes were the highlight for Austi bug. We even got to feed "Tall Boy," AND it was free! We have to pay at the zoo!
They told us that Tall Boy was the tallest giraffe in captivity. Not sure if that's true, but pretty cool if it is.
Austin was hilarious talking to all of the animals. :)
This baby monkey was SOOOO tiny! It was wearing a little diaper, and wrapped up in a baby blanket. :) I can't remember, but I think it was a few weeks old.
Then it was time to ride and see the buffalo!
It was kinda random seeing all of these buffalo...
We got in a little fenced in area, and the kids got to throw feed in the troughs for the buffalo and zebra.
After that, we went back for lunch. We all had to bring our own lunch, and Austin thought that was so cool. She doesn't have to take her lunch to school, so the whole "pack a lunch" idea is great to her. She will change her mind over the next few years, I'm sure. :)
Love her sweet class!!
The last stop was the Pumpkin Patch area. Each person got to choose a pumpkin to take home. Austin also liked the little games that they had set up.
We love field trips!!! :)

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