Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Auburn Game Weekend!

I honestly can't remember the last time we went to a football game.  It's either hot or cold, Ben is usually working, kids are needing naps, etc. etc. etc. and so we usually end up watching at home.

Until we started winning.

Winning changes things.  :)
Ben was willing to stop working to go to the Auburn game this weekend. That's huge, y'all. He doesn't stop working for anyone. Anyone! Unless it's Austin's birthday, and I throw a royal fit. (Which has happened.)  Thank goodness Bennett's birthday is before planting time.

Some of our good friends have 4 tickets, but they decided to get a babysitter, so they sold us their extras. We were pumped, and it was fun to be able to sit together!
We went from burning up, to soaking wet. Ha!
And of course, we were so happy for the WIN!

Austin had a birthday party to go to, and Gammy was SO sweet to take her during the game.
She had a blast! The next day, we celebrated Mary Mack's 4th birthday!

And then of course, MSU moved up to #1, which was basically the most exciting thing to ever happen.  Ever.

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