Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Photo Weekend!

I decided VERY last minute for us to do family photos at the farm on Friday morning. Thankfully, my mom was coming to stay with us, so I got her to take them with my camera.
I'm not sharing our good family pics, because those are reserved for the Christmas card. :) We got some good ones, though, and I was glad because we haven't had any luck in the past with our cotton pics. Bennett was always in too fussy of a mood.
So I'm relieved that it's over. I have a MAJOR love/hate relationship with family photos. Moms of more than 1 kid know exactly what I'm talking about. Ha!

It was a pretty day, so when we got home, we stayed outside. Bennett has been on the verge of potty training, so he was naked driving his tractor, and pretending to talk on the phone. LOL!

Saturday morning, I went to campus to take some family photos for one of my good friends! We had so much fun! Her husband was one of the managers over our new stadium addition, so we took a few pics in the stadium.  They were watering the field, so it wasn't ideal, but we still got some great ones!
I won't show any of her good pics. I think hers are reserved for Christmas cards also. :)

For lunch Saturday, mom let Austin choose where to eat lunch for her birthday. Mom hadn't seen her, and wanted to take her out. OF COURSE if you give my children the option, they choose Chickfila. Every. Single. Dang. Time.

She somehow got to choose Sunday lunch also, so she chose The Waffle House. Always love me a good waffle.  It seems to be the place to go on Sundays.  We have had to wait for a table the last few times we have gone.

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