Wednesday, September 17, 2014


  • You weigh 36 lbs.
  • You are 44 inches tall.
  • You are wearing mostly a 5T in everything.  4 in MJ.
  • You wear a size 10 shoe.  11 in some things.
  • You spend the majority of your time at home drawing and coloring.  Most recently writing in a notebook practicing your letters.
  • You are SUCH a good big sister with Bennett.  You help me so much with him.
  • You love to have "girls day"when Bennett is at the farm with Daddy.  We shop, eat out, get our nails done, etc.
  • You are doing great in school!  You LOVE field trips and the class projects!  
  • You have a major sweet tooth!
  • You will eat Chickfila like nobody's business!  I think I need to start getting you the "big kids" meals.
  • You love going to events, birthday parties, etc, but you can also be a little shy sometimes.  You tell me most days that you played by yourself at school, but I have a hard time believing that.
  • You love anything Disney Princess.  Dressing up, playing with dolls, watching movies, etc.
  • You are doing so good memorizing your memory verses for Awana.  I am so proud of you!  We were working on some at home, but have put those on pause for now.
  • You don't tell me a whole lot about your day when I pick you up from school.  I have to ask you very specific questions to get information.  You seem to tell Daddy more, which is good.
  • You beg all of the time to eat at "your favorite pizza place with the bread that you like."  We are big pizza eaters at our house.  :)
  • You love having a babysitter!
  • You aren't too great of an eater, but I can't blame you for that.  You surprise me sometimes with things that you like.  You have recently started eating steak and broccoli.
  • You have a VERY bad habit of coming to our bed in the middle of the night.
  • You still have your imaginary friend, Fairywinkle, but you told me that she was gone to the winter woods until it turned cold here.  I guess at that time she can come home.
  • You also recently started eating hamburgers, which is so great, but you want them way too often.  Your favorite one right now is from Sonic.
  • You are a home-body.  After school, you usually don't want to go anywhere... ballet, church, etc.  You just want to hang at home for dinner, bath, and bed time.
  • You are VERY dramatic.  You recently came running to me, and was totally freaking out.  I thought Bennett was choking or something serious, but he was just playing with your play-dough.  :)
  • You love to plant and water flowers outside with me.  You liked helping Daddy with the garden through the summer.
  • You have been telling me for a while now that you want to be a dentist and a farmer when you grow up.  You said that you will be a dentist during the day, and Bennett can farm your land for you.  HA!  That's a pretty good plan.

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