Saturday, September 20, 2014

Birthday Day! (LOTS of pics!)

Even though we celebrated Austin's birthday early, sweet girl still had a great day!  How is this baby 5 years old already???
I don't even know. The time went SO fast!!
1st thing that morning, I was getting ready in the bathroom, and I overheard Austin explaining to Bennett about her birthday in my closet. :) They are too cute sometimes.
She got to open 1 gift before school.
We left really early for school, so we could continue on our donut tradition. :) Daddy had to be a part of that too. :)
Daddy's girl!
And side note...
Last year-
This year-
At school, she and Carlyn got to stand on the counter while we sang "Happy Birthday" to them.
They enjoyed princess cookies and juice with their class, and then I left for a while.
Austin and her awesome teacher!!
I had time to do a few errands before carpool. I love carpool, and I love seeing these kids!
Austi bug had a few surprises when she got in the car!
Her music request was "Let It Go," and here she was belting it out. LOL!!

After nap time, we went to an early dinner at Chickfila. I had text some of our friends to see if they would want to meet us for a low key playdate to celebrate Austin. We had such a great time! She had some of her best girlfriends there, and they had a blast playing! I took a candle for her to blow out, and had also picked up her favorite treat, cake pops from Starbucks.
After that, I had planned on going to church, but Austin was so tired that she was begging to go home. When Daddy came home from work, she got to open her last big gift, an Anna dress...
Finally, she got her book in bed at nighttime this year. Her book was "Audrey Bunny" by Angie Smith. It is amazing, and I highly recommend it, especially if you know the story behind it!  We read it for her bedtime story, and then she went to bed.  :)
Happy happy birthday, Austin Rivers! We love you SO much, and are so excited to watch you grow and learn this year! Happy 5th birthday, baby girl!!! We hope you had a wonderful day!!

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