Friday, August 29, 2014

Where did August go?

We had a great summer!!  And I can't believe it's almost September!!
I had the kids at home this summer, thinking that we all needed a break from preschool.  The original plan was to pack up, and stay at the farm for long periods of time, but with me working, it made that plan impossible.  (We did stay a couple of times on weekends.)
So plan B was that our friend, Anna, came twice a week to keep the kiddos while I worked. It was a great plan, and Anna was great, but the kids were SO thrown off schedule.
By July, both kids were begging for school. I could tell that it was hard on them getting off of the school schedule.  I was able to get out of the house for work, but they were always stuck at home.
So onto plan C... by the 1st week of July, I registered them back in school, and they loved it.
We had a few last minute summer treats, but mostly, we were ready for our regular routine to start back.
I am really behind on blogging... the routine has thrown mama for a loop... but the kids are doing great. Ha! So I will try the next few days or weeks to catch back up! :)
We hope everyone had a great summer!!

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