Monday, August 4, 2014

Family Zoo Day!!

We never miss church, but Ben has been so busy lately that we haven't had hardly any family time.  We decided to skip church on the last Sunday before school starts and take the kids to the zoo.  Bennett had never been before, and we knew he would love it!
I texted Ellington's mom to see if they could meet us there as a surprise for Austi bug since they live pretty close to the zoo. I was SO happy that it worked out! I don't think Austin understood that we were close to Ellington, so she was really excited! We ended up driving late Saturday night and getting a hotel room so we could get an early start on Sunday.

Our first stop was to see the cats. The tigers weren't on display that day, but the lions were pretty active so that was fun.
My favorite thing is always the pandas. I could sit and watch them all day!!
After we saw the pandas, we met up with Ellington and our friend Thomas' family was there too!
We went to see the monkeys, animals of the night, reptiles, sea lion show, zebras, etc. with them, and then we split up right before lunch so that we could take Austin to feed the giraffes.
Giraffes have been her favorite animal for a really long time, so we love feeding them lettuce!
There was this baby giraffe, and it was so cute!!!
After lunch, the girls were ready to play again...
We all (well, moms and kids) rode the train...
After the little farm animal area, and the train ride, the kids and I were ready to go. Don't they looked thrilled? Ha!!
We said our goodbyes, and then Ben wanted to go see the bears, wolves, and the lodge. I thought I wasn't gonna make the walk all the way to the other side of the zoo, but I did. :)
We were all worn out, but we had SUCH a great day! Ben was even a trooper, and found me a Starbucks. :)

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Amy said...

Feeding the giraffes-- that's so neat! We basically only see the feet of our giraffes at our zoo!