Monday, August 11, 2014

Bennett's 1st day of School 2014

Bennett looooooves school!  He was so glad that it was his turn on Thursday!  He says, "MY school!!"
And surprisingly, they stood beside each other long enough for me to get a pic!  Austin went to work with me for the morning, because I haven't signed her up for Thursdays yet.  Love these kiddos!
I can only remember 1 day that Bennett has cried or fussed at drop off. He always goes right in and never looks back at me. This is the only pic I got of him that morning. Ha!
He had a great day, and loves his new teachers!! I know he has so much fun! He also got a tervis for his happy, but it didn't come in the mail until a few days later. :) He loves it!
What a difference a year makes!!

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