Friday, August 8, 2014

Austin's 1st day of K4 2014

My big girl was so ready for school this year! She had her first day on Wednesday!
She was so excited about her new teacher, and her new classroom! I think she was most excited about seeing her friends and learning new things.
She was also pretty excited about being a "lion" this year. :)
Bennett didn't start until the next day, so he and I got to run errands together.
He was good until he figured out that he wasn't going to school too. :( But I had to go get a few pairs of my glasses worked on, and he was in heaven. :) Too cute for his own good...
We also got Sissy a happy for her 1st day of school.
A new thing for us this year is carpool. And this mama is loving it! On the days that Bennett doesn't go (Mondays and Wednesdays), I pull up to the sidewalk, and they put her in the car for me. Tuesdays and Thursdays they both go to school, so I get out, go in the building, and pick up each one. Austin likes Tues Thurs because she gets to eat lunch with her friends on those days, and she sees Bennett in the lunch room. :)
She had a great day, and was so excited to see her happy. She had been asking for a tervis princess cup for a loooong time. :)
Can't believe she is such a big girl and will be 5 soon! Here is a comparison from previous years!

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