Thursday, July 31, 2014

Saying Goodbye Stinks

Ben and I were driving to a restaurant to have dinner with our parents one night, and my friend Ashlea called me to break the news that they were moving.  I didn't really cry, but I couldn't eat my dinner.  That is one of the hardest parts of living in a college town is that people are constantly in and out.  I waited for several weeks to tell Austin that Jet was moving, because we were still daily talking about Ellington's move, and dealing with that.  I felt (still feel) so bad for her.
They have been little friends since they were babies! I'm thankful that they aren't moving too far away... only about a 3 hour drive. Her husband, Josh, was our campus pastor, and we were blessed to become great friends with them, our kids were friends, and we were in small group together. They will be SO missed by our whole church!
Josh got a great new job offer that they couldn't refuse, and I am SO happy for them!!  Also a little jealous that they are moving to "the big city."  :)  (It cracks me up that we took this pic in front of those biscuits! HA!)
Our small group gave them this painting to go in their new house. I loved it, and knew that Ashlea would too!  We had to have a last time play date at CFA with the kids.  Sometimes it seemed like we lived at that place with them!  Ha!
Looking forward to their new adventure, and visiting them in their new home!  We love y'all so much, and will GREATLY miss you!!!!!

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