Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Saturday Part 2 - Ellington & Farm

I told Austin Saturday morning that we had a surprise for her that afternoon.  She had no idea what it was, but Ellington's family had come into town for the day, so we arranged a play date.  When the door bell rang, we told Austin that her surprise was here at the door.  (I think she thought it was a box delivery of some sort.)  :)  She was SOOO happy to see who was standing there!  :)
These girls have missed each other so much! I didn't realize how hard E's move would be on Austi bug, but she talks about her all of the time, draws pictures for her, etc. They are such sweet friends!!

After Ellington left, we went to a surprise anniversary party for Ben's aunt and uncle's 25th wedding anniversary! It was a complete surprise, and we had so much fun catching up with family that we don't get to see often. On the way home, we had to, OF COURSE, check on the crops. Any farm family will understand that wherever you go, you always have to stop somewhere and check on a field. :)

LOVE this photo of Bennett and his Daddy. Like father... like son. They are just alike in every way.

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