Monday, July 21, 2014

Saturday Part 1 - Happy birthday, Henry!!

We had a really busy, but fun-filled Saturday!!

First off, Benny Boop's little buddy, Henry, had his 2nd birthday party that morning.  It was construction/tool themed, and as always, it was precious!
The kids could hammer "nails" (golf tees) into the styrofoam block. They thought this was the coolest thing ever (and so did the parents, I ain't gonna lie). There was also ducks to catch, a pea gravel box, etc.
Bennett's "girlfriend" Ada was there, and I told him to hug her for a photo, and she screamed. Ha!! Pretty smart girl! :)
Love these handy helpers! :)
Henry's family moved here for the past 2 years because his dad was over the construction for our new football stadium addition. His mom and I have become great friends, and I am so thankful for her!  The boys have been in church nursery together, and also at parents' morning out.  Kelly also works with me at Love, Poppy.
Happy 2nd birthday, Henry!!

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