Wednesday, July 2, 2014

London Stella

I haven't blogged much about Stella, but most people know that she has a new family!  So here is the story... :)
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I had been wanting a puppy for about 6 months.  We decided on an apricot toy poodle, but I was very specific about her coloring, and the fact that I wanted a female.  Most were around $1000, so I didn't think I would ever find one that we could afford!  They are also called teddy bears, which I love.  :)

I finally found a puppy in south Mississippi.  Actually, the breeder called me to see if I had found a puppy, and I hadn't.  We sent our deposit, and less than a week before I picked her up, she died.  :(  I was sad, but I was SO glad that she died before I got her!  We got our deposit money back from her.

Without telling the kids, I hopped online, and found another one just like I wanted in Birmingham.  It was kinda crazy that I found one right away.  Probably within 10 minutes, and she was everything I had wanted in a puppy.  I called, she held 2 females for me, and within a few days we made a trip to pick our girl out of the 2.  This is the photo I got of her via email.
It was very fast, but we were excited, and had to wait 2 more weeks before we could pick her up.  She was so sweet!  Here I am with her on that day!
On Friday, May 30th, we picked her up!   I could already tell at this point that I didn't feel the same way about her as I did with Sydney, but I thought it would take time for us to bond.
When we got home, I immediately gave her a bath, and then the kids wanted to hold and pet her.
One of our main reasons for getting a dog was because both of our kids are afraid of ALL dogs. It is so ridiculous to Ben and I, so we thought if we got a puppy, they would be fine with it. Bennett was. Austin was NOT. It was bad. bad. bad. Austin pretty much hasn't left the couch or chairs for the past several weeks, and still completely freaks out if Stella gets near her without being held or in her cage. It never got any better. I was feeling really bad for Austin, because while I didn't want her to be afraid, I also didn't want her to feel like we weren't protecting her. She lashed out some with her attitude, and says that she loves Stella because she's so cute, but didn't want to get near her.
Basically we felt like it was for everyone's best interest if Stella could find a better home. Also, I didn't have time to invest into her training like I thought that I did, and she was staying in her cage way more than I wanted. But there again, because of Austin being so afraid, I only let her out for minimal times throughout the day. We also figured out that Austin's screaming and freaking out was causing Stella anxiety. How could you not love this sweet face, though... I mean really.
She is so cute, and so sweet... I didn't want to post her on any public site... I wanted to really control what type of home she went to. I finally had to post on Facebook, and had several great people contact me. She ended up going with the second family that contacted me, and I couldn't be happier with where she is!
hard life.  #londonstella #naptimeStella painted too.  #londonstella
So while I don't feel like I ever really bonded with Stella, she was such a cute and sweet thing while we had her.  (Also, I figured out that the bonding thing will never be the same since I now have children, so I can't expect it to be!)  She was spoiled and loved on, of course, but for some reason (I guess a God thing) she wasn't right for our family at this time.  I promised the kids when they get older, we will try again.  We will miss you, Stella Bear, but we are so happy that you are with the best family you could have, and we will enjoy seeing your photos, visiting you, and watching you grow!  XOXO!!!

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