Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy 4th at Gammy's House

We had a good, laid back, easy going Independence Day this year.  I wasn't all OCD about matching outfits for the kids.  I didn't even put makeup on the whole day.  Our main goal of the day was go put up sweet corn, and thanks to my Papaw's help, we had it all done by lunch time.
My mom did hamburgers and hotdogs for lunch, and we had some sweet corn on the cob. It was SO good. Bennett LOVES corn. Like father, like son...
After lunch, most of us laid down and took a long nap. It was a great day! We left after dinner to go home.  It's rare that Ben doesn't work on a Saturday, so I wanted to get him to help me with yard work!  :)  Here are my 4th babies after their nap.  :)

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