Thursday, July 24, 2014

Farm Boy

This little stinker has fallen in love with all things farm, trucks, and Daddy.
This is a good thing.

This is also a bad thing.
He wakes up every morning and runs to our room to see if Daddy is still at home. If Daddy is gone, he gets in bed and snuggles with me.  If Daddy is still home, then he starts begging.  "I want to ride in Daddy's truck." "I want to go to the farm."
So sometimes he gets to. And sometimes he doesn't.  But when he gets to... he LOVES it!!  Ben says he is great the whole day.  He never complains or gets cranky when he gets hot and sweaty.  He loves hanging around the shop, playing in the dirt, just whatever.
Daddy most definitely has a sidekick.

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