Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Our Wednesday

Austin has been doing good in swim!  She has 2 different instructors this year, but they are both really great!  She reminds me every day that their names are Bailey and Paul.  Ha!  She is a mess.
Bennett has done surprisingly good while waiting. I haven't been sure what to do to occupy him, so he gets A LOT of snacks. :) Which also results in no dinner, but oh well. Gotta do what ya gotta do, right?
Also, at church tonight, we had a wedding! It was the sweetest thing so I had to post! This couple was married for a while, have 2 small children together, but had divorced. God worked a miracle in them, and they got remarried tonight at church! I didn't put the names together, but I have kept their baby girl in the church nursery several times. What a beautiful testimony!!

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