Monday, June 23, 2014

Family Day at the Water Park!

I bought Austin and I tickets to go with our church to the water park on Friday!  I kept it a secret from her for a while,  but I finally told her a couple of days before.  Ben's uncle died, and the funeral was planned for Friday, so I had to figure out a way to fit everything into the day.  It worked out that Austin could ride with the group in the van to the water park, I went to the funeral, and then drove separately.  She was so excited to ride in the van with Brad, KK, and Anderson!  :)
Since it was Austin's first time to go, I asked KK to take pics for me! :)
I don't even think Austin was too excited to see me when I got there. Ha! She said she was having so much fun with KK. :)
Austin loved the smaller scale water slides, but we spent most of our time with every one else at the slash pad. They had little mini slides at it, and a worker was at every slide helping the littles.
We had such a fun day! Austin wouldn't even ride back with me. She rode back in the van with Anderson, and I had to pick her up at the church. Ha!

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