Thursday, June 5, 2014

Daddy's Bittersweet Birthday

Today was this guy's birthday!
Happy birthday to my bestest frans!! The bestest hubs, @farmingood, and also to my mama, @gracefullygf!!  Birthday lunch to celebrate!
The kids and I went down to see him for a little while, and he and I got to have lunch alone! After lunch, the kids and I were resting in the farm house. I had a headache, and was trying to take a nap. Ben came running in really upset. Jesse James for some reason was asleep under a truck, and didn't move when Ben cranked it up. He backed over him. :( He lived for probably about 15 minutes after that and then passed away. He was really old and sick, and probably should've been put down, but Ben didn't want to. It was a good thing, because he was starting to be unpredictable (which is NOT good with our kids), but it was still hard for Ben. Also it really stinks that it was on his birthday.

Jesse James was rescued by a local couple that found a litter of puppies in a ditch while bike riding.  Ben and I were dating at the time, but they asked if we wanted a puppy, and Ben did.  When he went to pick out which one he wanted, he stomped his foot really loud on the concrete.  All of the puppies ran away from him except for one little male that marched right up to his foot.  :)  He was the one.  I named him Jesse James, and he has been with us for about 8 or 9 years now.  He has been the best dog and best guard dog!  When I was home alone, he would never leave the back door.  We have SUCH great memories of him, and I'm glad that he was a part of our family for so long! We affectionately called him "Boogars" or Boogs." :) Here are some of my favorite photos of him!
We will miss you, Boogs!!!

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