Friday, April 11, 2014

Last Day = Best Day

Daddy took the kiddos out for a very special Saturday! The vet school has an open house every year for the kids, and I have always wanted to take Austin! I asked Ben to please take them if he didn't have to work, and low and behold... he did! :)  I laid out outfits for them for every day that I would be gone, but most mornings I got pics like this to approve.  :)  Also, I have to say that I had people brag on how well he did with Austin's hair.  Super dad, I tell ya.
The day started with donuts... Of course.
The had a blast!!
And Chickfila for lunch!
SO thankful to Ben for letting me get away for a few days! He is the best daddy! I didn't come home until Sunday evening, so he had them dressed for church, and then took them to our church egg hunt after!

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