Monday, April 7, 2014


I have had the opportunity to go to market in Atlanta a couple of times recently, and I love it!  I definitely see why people love market, and I also see why people hate it.  :)  We left on Wednesday, and came home yesterday, so we made a big girls' trip out of it!
We had the best time, though. Ate at some great restaurants, and did lots of shopping! The best meal was probably at Sweet Georgia's Juke Joint, and the band was incredible the night that we were there.  The hilarious part was The Ritz messed up our reservation, and we had to sleep 5 people with 1 king bed. Yea. We had to use an air mattress, and totally felt like country gone to town. LOL!
This was the car on the way home. HAHA! No room to move!!

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