Monday, March 10, 2014

Our Crazy Week

The day after Bennett's birthday, I had a doctor's appointment, so my mom came to watch the kids for the day.  I was done with my appointment and headed to Target when she text me that she had the stomach virus.  I grabbed some to-go lunch, and headed home.  Meanwhile, my friend (and lifesaver) Ashlea braved the stomach virus house to rescue my kids.  :)  Of course, it doesn't hurt when Batman is there to help.  :)
Jet is always dressed up as a superhero when I see him on weekdays, and it cracks. me. up. I just love it! By the time I picked them up from Ash, and we got our carseat situation worked out, it was time to hurry home and get dressed for ballet. It was like the fastest change ever. For both kids.

The next day, when I got to Bennett's room at school, it was the day to celebrate his birthday! And guess what! I was not prepared. I had no treats to give his friends and leave in their cubbies. I felt awful, but oh well. He never knew, and life went on.  Parenthood definitely teaches flexibility.  :(
Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 4.09.02 PM
He also wore this little sticker all day. :) He even had it on at dinner that night.
That night for dinner, we went out with Ellington!

Wednesday morning was Bennett's 2 year checkup.
Everything looked great, even though his height and weight is a much lower percentile than I thought he was. He wasn't crazy about the checkup, but after that we did a little shopping, and the kids were great for me. #miracle

Oh Thursday night, we had a birthday party for Eva Cate! It was at McDonalds, which was great because the kids could play! It was Snow White themed, and Austin has been loving Snow White ever since!

By the time Friday came, I needed a break. :) We stayed home all day, and Austin threw Bennett and I a pajama party in her room. :) I guess she figured I wasn't getting out of my jammies all day. Which is very likely. Anyway, she decorated with her princess dolls and other stuffed animals all around her room. :)
Love my sweet girl!

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Ferrell Boys Mom said...

I saw Ben at Lunch today at Trailboss and I told him how much I enjoy reading your blog! It helps me feel connected to your sweet family even though we don't see each other much anymore.