Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Nashville Day 3

We were all so tired by day 3!  We didn't want to leave, but I think we were ready to sleep in our own beds, and Ash and I were missing our babies!  I'm sure Che was missing her fur baby.  :)  We drove down to Franklin for brunch and shopping.  They have a new anthropologie downtown, so we spent a while in there.  They also have the cutest little gift stores!
We had to make one last stop to Ivey Cake to get some for the road. :)
I was actually pretty happy to see this sign. The guys took us on backroads almost the whole way home. The girls car wasn't too thrilled, and it felt like forever to get home! Haha! (Yes, we mostly rode guys in 1 vehicle, girls in the other.)
The kids had a birthday party to go to at the gym. Austin was so excited because it was one of her best friends' party, and it was a Frozen party, no less.
Austin wouldn't eat that cookie for over a week because she said it was just too pretty. :) Anyway, we got home really late that night, but we had to take one last photo. And what do you know, we still had things to talk about at that point. The men couldn't believe it. :)

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