Thursday, March 6, 2014

Milk & Cookies!

When planning Bennett's 2nd birthday party, I had no clue what to do. I had 4 themes in mind... vintage circus, mustaches, Mickey Mouse, and milk & cookies. I finally decided to go that route because that is a theme that I always wanted to do with Austin, and it never happened. Plus, Benny loves cookies!! He can be bribed into just about anything with a cookie. Ha! :)
I ended up buying a party package off of Etsy, and printing everything myself, which is something that I've never done before.  But I wanted it simple, and didn't want to spend a fortune.
Austin helped me for several afternoons, and we printed, cut, glued, stuck, strung, etc.  Then on Friday, we baked a lot of cookies!  She loved every minute of it.  Maybe one day she will be my little party planning assistant.  :)  We had tons of COOKIES!!

Ben got these little buckets for me from a local farm store...
We had to have 2 classics that everyone loves...
My friend Sarah made these awesome milk jug cookies for us!
I borrowed this amazing old milk crate and bottles from Lala's family.  Their family used to have a dairy farm, so this is a major heirloom for them.
I was so excited to have cookie cake!! It's been a long time since I had one of those!
Bennett was pretty excited, even though I have NO clue if he realized what was going on.
He got a little embarrassed when we sang to him, but he liked it!
Love these people!
For drinks, I had milk with chocolate and strawberry syrups and whipped topping. Also a few waters and cokes, but I think most people drank milk and coffee! I got the big glass jug and milk bottles from Etsy!  Most people had already taken their drink at the point this photo was taken, but Ben's aunt was in love with the little bottles and insisted that I take a photo.  :)  I'm glad she did!
For the favor table, I had another banner, and these little buckets with goodies. I had enough milk jug cookies that I bagged them individually, and put 1 in each bucket also.  I didn't get a photo of the favor table!  :(
my baby turns 2 a week from tomorrow. how did that happen??  #bennettssecondbirthday #milkandcookies #gotmilk #partytime
I will let the rest of the photos speak for themselves! Thankfully, it was a beautiful day!  Even though they got a little muddy, everyone had so much fun playing outside!
Thank you to everyone that came to celebrate with us!! We love you, Bennett!!!!

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