Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy/mad face, Happy face, and Happy place

Bennett is on his tractor... boots on... sucking a papi... All is right in his world.
Bennett's mad face when I take away his papi... Ha!!

I preordered Frozen and received it in the mail the day that it came to stores, but I was planning on hiding it until Easter. Well, several of Austin's friends got it and she was asking for it all. day. long. We finally gave in. She had to close her eyes and we put it in her lap...
Happy girl! :)

I have been wanting to redo our whole house lately. I think 3 years is my max amount of time for things to stay the same. I start getting the itch every 3 years. So I decided that I wanted to repaint the kids' bathroom. It didn't originally come out the color that we intended, but it was ok. We decided to paint it to match the hallway and most of the other rooms in the house. Next is our living room. :)
UntitledI am in a mood. And what's cheaper than moving? Painting.  Bye bye green bathroom.

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