Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Happy birthday, Owens!

Bennett and Owens were born 1 week apart on Fridays!  It has been so fun for Jessica and I to watch them grow and compare stats and milestones!  We weren't able to go to his first birthday party last year because of Bennett's burn (click HERE for those details), so we were excited to get to go this year!  I didn't get that many photos because the kids were all of the place having a blast, and the decor was amazing, as always with Jessica's parties!
The theme was Chuggington, so there were a lot of trains and conductor things. The most impressive being a large train made out of cardboard that the kids could get inside of, but I somehow failed to get a photo of that. :(
Bennett's buddy, John Parker, was also there!
That was our 6th (I believe) birthday party weekend in a row, and I believe our last for a while! :)

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