Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy 2nd birthday, Bennett!!

In keeping with tradition, Bennett got to open a gift in bed Sunday morning!  This year we chose a bedtime story book that we knew he would love.
He loves the movie Cars! He flipped to that page 1st thing! Next, he was most concerned with his new basketball goal.
We sang him Happy Birthday again for his donut. :) He is such a sweet boy! He blew out his candle on his own, and scared me so bad because he got a little too close to the flame for my comfort.  Love this next photo of him waiting so patiently.  :)
Austi bug enjoyed the donuts too. :)
Thank goodness his birthday fell on a Sunday so that we could all be together most of the day. We went to church, and out to lunch with friends, and then back home for a nap. The kids neither one took a nap. Ben ended up taking Bennett outside to play with his new tball set, and let me get a short nap. I was so tired from the party weekend! The rest of the afternoon, Ellington came over and we stayed outside and had so much fun! It was a beautiful day!!
Love my birthday boy!!!!

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Lane said...

I love how Ellington just totally busted in ya'lls birthday celebration day. Oops! Ha!