Monday, March 24, 2014

Fun Outside

It was finally pretty weather this week, so we have been able to be outside more. It's been great!  No other place that Bennett had rather be.  :)
Even on days that I discover the kids have a random fever. :( They're still happy to be outside!
We made a trip to Lowe's and the co-op on Saturday to get some supplies for planting flowers. I think we are a little early, but oh well. :) Hopefully they'll make it through the cold snaps.
yay for spring!! ☀️ #hallelujah #spring #flowers #timetoplant
A little bike riding...
When Ben was unloading mulch yesterday, Austin asked to help him. He told her that he needed to do it because it was really hard. She said, "Just because I'm little doesn't mean I can't do it!" She did a few shovelfuls after that. Gotta love a strong will. :) I hope she is that persistent later on in life.  She taught me a good lesson!!  Love when God uses our kids to speak to us.

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