Monday, March 3, 2014

Big Boy at the Show!

Bennett's birthday weekend always falls on the same weekend as the farm show in Memphis.  Ben has been so excited about the day that he could take Bennett and have a boys day with Pepaw, and this year we decided that Bennett was big enough to go without me.  I will admit, I was a little excited to have a day to myself before the party, even though I do actually enjoy going to the show.  I got my hair done, ran party errands, and then Austin and I took Gammy to see Frozen.  She hadn't seen it before, and it was our 4th time.  So ridiculous.  Haha!  We also baked a lot of cookies for the party.  But Ben kept me up to date throughout the day with photos (per my request and constant, "How's he doing?!), so here they are!
They had the best time!!!  He apparently didn't miss me at all, and was so good for them.  He also was well taken care of, and spoiled a little bit by the exhibitors! He was so worn out, but he slept the whole way home, and then we all went out for Japanese.

As you can see, I turned Bennett's carseat around on Wednesday. He thinks it is the greatest thing EVER. Here he was the day I turned him around... (we were on our way to get a haircut!)

Anyway, I had all of the party stuff set out and ready to go! Only last minute things needed to be done Saturday morning!

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