Saturday, February 1, 2014

Thankful Thirty

I ain't gonna lie... I have not been excited about turning the big 3-0.  Dreading it, actually.  I love birthdays, but wasn't quite sure I was ready for this one.  It seems so gloomy.

So I woke up yesterday morning, and guess what....

I was ready!

The Lord started to bring things to my mind that made me thankful for the woman I have grown to be, and also things that I can appreciate about myself.  I think it's important to remember that we are of worth and loved.  Sometimes those things get looked over in the busyness of life, and the insecurities that Satan can bring.

Anyway, I've also been reflecting on a lot of things that I'm thankful for.  I thought I would make a list of 30 things.  I'm not good about having a gratitude journal or anything like that, so sometimes I don't think enough about this.  Some are big important things, and some are small unimportant things, but nevertheless, I am thankful!

1. My husband-  Could not have asked for a better man to do life with.  He works so hard, and then will willingly help with anything at home... dishes, cleaning, laundry, kids, etc.  Also, he's the best daddy, and is also pretty good looking.  :)

2. My kids-  They know how to push my buttons, but they really are sweet children.  They love their mama, and I love them immensely.  Can not imagine my life without these 2.  My cup runneth over when it comes to my life with them.

3. My house and car-  They are material things, but I am thankful that we could afford just what we needed and wanted in this season of life.

4. Our church-  For the physical building and worship experience that we get every Sunday, and also for the people that make up our church.  They have blessed our family tremendously, and I am so thankful for them!  They love us well.

5. My friends-  I have been through seasons that I was so lonely and praying for friends.  God has always provided, and He has provided both Ben and I with awesome friends.  We have so much fun together, and I'm thankful that we are there for each other!

6. My family- I have lived away from my family for the majority of my life now, but I love them so much, and love going home to see them!  I also know that I can call them anytime I need to!

7. The farm- I usually have a love/hate relationship with the farm, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty, I really am thankful for it.  It makes Ben happy for one, but I also love being able to take the kids to the country.  Also, it provides us with the income that we need for me to be able to stay home.

8. Salvation- This should be at the top of my list, but I am thankful for Jesus, for His sacrifice, and for the ability to have a personal relationship with Him.  Also, for the Holy Spirit, which I depend on a lot!

9. Our community- We moved to this community about 2.5 years ago, and have loved it.  It's a small town, but there is always something to do.  They are really good about planning family friendly events.  Also, we have met and became friends with some of the sweetest people just through the kids' school and ballet, which are 2 things that we wouldn't have had if we had stayed on the farm.

10. Our next-door neighbors- We have the best neighbors ever.  On both sides.  We can call either one of them for anything, and they have both gotten us out of binds many times.  We also have had the pleasure of being next door to Austin's best friend, and the girls have had the best time running to each other's houses.

11. The kids' teachers- We put Austin in Parents' Morning Out right when we moved here, and it was the best decision ever.  Bennett also started when he got big enough for the toddler class.  They have had the best teachers!  I cannot complain about a single one.  I actually cannot say enough good about them.  They have loved on my babies just as well as I would, and have taught them SO much.  I am thankful for righteous women investing in their little hearts and lives.

12. Coffee- I usually only have 1 cup of coffee each day in the morning.  I will sometimes have more if it's decaf.  I love it, and it wakes me up.  Coffee is just one of my favorite things period.  I'm sort of a snob about it.

13. Italian food- While I'm on the subject of edible things, I have to write that I'm thankful for Italian.  I mean, Lord have mercy, I could eat it every night and never ever get sick of it.

14. My personality- Of course there are things that I need to work on, but it's kind of refreshing when you realize that you are happy being you.  Does that make sense?  Like accepting who you are, and being good with it.  That's me at this point.

15. Seat warmers- Let's just be honest... Not a day has gone by this winter that I haven't been thankful for the seat warmers in my Tahoe.  Not. a. single. day.

16. Technology and social networks- I definitely have a love/hate relationship with these things too, but I would've lost touch with SO many people in my life if these things weren't around.  Thankful for the connections.

17. Sister Schubert- I wish I could give her a big hug and a kiss.  I am thankful for her every night that I serve rolls with dinner, and also every morning on the weekends that I have cinnamon rolls.  The goodness blesses me.  (That's not a joke.)

18. The South- I spent many years wanting to get out of the south, but the older I get, the more and more that I appreciate it.  Love it, actually.  It's warmer, the food is better, the people are nicer, the pace is slower, and the the air is cleaner.

19. Music- I have always been into music.  I love turning the volume up.  What I listen to most is praise and worship.  I'm thankful for Hillsong, and also other newer stuff over the last few years.  I had rather have the music on than the tv most days.

20. Downton Abby- It's been a really long time since I loved a tv show as much as this one.  Probably nothing since Friends went off the air.  I look forward to it all week, and from the time it goes off air until the time it comes back on in January, my life is not complete.

21. My iPhone- Not exactly sure if Bennett would have any photos of his first 2 years of life without my iPhone.  I'm so thankful to have a camera with me at all times.  Also for all of the other apps that make life easier and more organized.

22. The beach- Even though I'm not a "beach person," I love going to the beach and walking along the shore.  I love the salty air, relaxed pace, good food, and being away from the every days at home. I guess you can say that I'm just thankful for vacations in general.  It's always nice to get away.

23. My heritage- I'm thankful that I was raised in a Christian home, and with Christian grandparents.  I was always raised in church.  I am especially more grateful for this since having my own children.

24. Memories- I love remembering good memories.  Mostly childhood memories... feeding cows with my Papaw, cooking with my Granny, shopping with my Mama, playing with friends, dancing to music, etc. etc. etc.  Also love to make sweet memories with my kids.  I hope they look back on their childhood and have wonderful memories!

25. Guatemala- I am so thankful for Guatemala, it's people, culture, and for being my home for 7 years.  I will forever love that country, and will always dream of what it would be like to move back.  I am forever changed by it.

26. Pedicures- I don't think that I really need to elaborate this one.  It's pretty self-explanatory.

27. Cherry Vanilla Coke- My favorite drink.  Can't get enough.

28. Scripture- God's word is alive, and I am so thankful for it.  It's refreshing, powerful, encouraging, comforting, etc. etc. etc. etc.  Austin and I are working on memorizing verses, and I love it!

29. Blogging- Sometimes you just need an outlet, and this is mine.  I need to keep up with photos, milestones, and every day life with the kids, and this is an easy way to do it.  I love playing around with my blog whether people read it or not.  It's fun, and keeps me sane some days.  I have also met some sweet sweet people through blogging, and for that I am thankful!

30. Hope- Sometimes life gets so mundane that we easily loose sight of hope.  I get tired and burned out, but I'm thankful for hope and renewal.  No matter what state our lives are in, our families are in, our state and country is in, I just have to have hope that He's got this.  No matter what.

Also, to everyone that left me messages, voicemails, comments, posts, texts, etc... THANK YOU!!!!  I had a great day!!  XOXO!

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Lane said...

Number 10 just made me cry!!! We are going to miss ya'll sooooooo much. I am SO happy that we were able to live RIGHT next door to ya'll though. And I can't count the times ya'll have helped US...especially the whole Christmas tree falling incident! Ha!!!