Friday, February 21, 2014

Park Day!

We had a super fun time on Wednesday morning playing at the park!  It was the start of good weather, so we took advantage of it before the rain came!
Do those 2 not crack you up? I love it when they start getting big enough to have real friends. :) Bennett has a fit every time he sees Henry.
Posing for the camera... :)
After we played a little bit, another friend of Henry and Bennett's came to play, John Parker. They were so excited to see him, and had so much fun playing together!
Look at this little conversation that was taking place... HA!
Austin's buddy, Mary Mack, came to play too!
Bennett was such a big boy. This was his first time at the park that he could really run around and play on his own. I think he liked the freedom. :)

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