Thursday, February 6, 2014

office space, valentine's, and my big girl

I agreed to take on the farm bookwork this year starting in January.  It's not bad right now, but I may wish I could turn back time come summer.  I had no good space to work, so this was my desk.  All we needed before was a place for my computer, but this was not cutting it anymore.  I hated sitting here because A) it was too small, and B) it was ugly.  :)  Ben let me pick out a desk, and some new things to feel more homey.  Now I would sit at my desk all day if I could!

(also commonly looked like this...)

Austin and I got hers and Bennett's valentine cards put together one afternoon this week while Benny napped. They came from Pear Tree Greetings, and I loooooove them. We attached them with glue dots to a little bag of goldfish. No kid ever has enough goldfish.

Also, I have to share what a big girl I have.
my big girl in another big girl outfit.  I'm just thankful she still wears bows for me.  Oh, and she says she's holding her hands like a princess.  Of course.
I feel like we have come out of the fits/tantrums/crying stage, and let me tell you, I am forever grateful!! She had been a complete joy the last few weeks. Thank you all for your words of wisdom the last few months on dealing with that phase!  She told me this morning on the way to school that she wants a punch bug car when she's big enough to drive, and she wants to be Princess Anna or Queen Elsa when she grows up.  :)

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