Monday, February 24, 2014

Nashville Day 2

Here were my love bugs on Thursday morning ready for school. :)
Bennett's class party wasn't until Friday, but Austin's class had a little party, and they all exchanged Valentine cards. So fun! I remember loving doing that as a kid.

Friday morning, mom sent me these pics of them eating cinnamon rolls. :) I hated to not be with them on Valentine's day, but I know they had fun with their Gammy and Pepaw!

We kicked off our day in Nashville with breakfast at the Pancake Panty. No words, y'all... No words.
After that, we went to the Lucchese boot store. Craziness how nice and expensive those boots are! A few people tried on some, but Ben was afraid to even look at them. HAHA! The most expensive pair was $13,000, and I found them fascinating. They were made from alligator bellies. No pic of that... Just take my word for it. :)
We spent the rest of the time at the mall. Most of it was just regular stores, but there were a few outlet stores, which did the most damage to my wallet. After that, we hurried to the Blowout Co. to get our hair done for dinner. It was so fun! My hair is so limp that I didn't get it washed again, so my stylist just curled it all with 2 different sized flat irons, and finger styled it out. It was so fun!
pretty in pink at @blowoutco!  #happyvalentinesday
A few doors down was Ivey Cake, which was on our MUST SEE list. The owner, Ivey Childers, is best friends with Carrie Underwood, and she also makes a lot of celebrity cakes around Nashville. I got a mini "I Do" to try while we waiting for the guys to get there.
As we were sitting there, in walks Ivey. My friend, Chelsea, is a Carrie Underwood stalker, so her eyes got big and she pointed her out to us. :) Of course we had to get a photo. :)
We met Ivey!!!!!!! @iveycakestore
That night, we had dinner reservations for a cute little Italian place, and we had so much fun!  It was so fun being with our friends!

The kids got to go to CFA for dinner and have ice cream. :) I'm sure they were happy campers.

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